Operations are streamlined in line with global standards. Compliance with all legal regulations are ensured. State of the art iso audits and due diligence reviews are carried out .Contractors are given full freedom and flexibility with clearly specified targets. Procedure and systems manual are drawn out. Independence is extended to them.An incentive based structure has been specified .Regular meetings and hand shaking exercises are carried out with clients. Performance appraisals are regularly carried out. A mature HR policy has been defined. Legal consultants of the top bracket have been hired.At Multiverse the pace is unrelenting.Grow most is the credo and complete co-ordination among the whole team with complete focus on achieving the sole goal with zeal and zest is the dream of each member.Innovative management techniques from leading management gurus are often put in place.Synergy is the core.Regular training sessions, workshops and seminars are held for benchmarking and business process improvement.Everyone is driven by success and all are highly motivated. Top notch professionals with impeccable qualifications and proven experience are hired.The entire environment is highly challenging and performance driven after sustained brainstorming.

Operations are spread across 156 countries and most of the business is web driven or e-commerce B2b and B2c business is carried out as is EDI. Customer centric operations with drivers of change, challenge and innovation are paramount. Backward,forward,horizontal and vertical integration is achieved. Change is the only constant.Quality circles, six thinking hats etc are concepts that are gainfully employed. Virtual classrooms and webinars are regularly held.Financial services are based on derivatives and hedging.

Operations research techniques are gainfully employed of which logistics are prominent.Virtual reality and virtual programming are extensively used .Brainstorming sessions are used all with the sole objective of achieving the Multiversian Goal. Goals and sub goals are chalked out at regular

intervals.Dovetailing of goals is a useful technique.Cybernetics cells are regularly set up and fuzzy logic thinking is encouraged.Interactive audiences with television are designed whereby viewers can interact with television personalities using remote sensing of satellites.This revolution has transformed tv audiences in the world.3D images choice of programs at will and behavior of images at will are some of the miracles of teamwork.The focus is on less of me and more of we. Everyone is given ample freedom but are influenced by the style of leadership.

The mission and vision statement are clearly laid down and imbued and instilled in the team. Talent and intelligence is willingly recognized and rewarded.Positive thinking is encouraged and the motto of the tough get going when the going gets tough is enshrined. Most importantly the emphasis of the operations is to trim costs and improve efficiency all the time while constantly endeavouring to raise the topline growth.Team members are encouraged to adopt to localcultures and imbibe the work procedures of international clients conforming to global standards. Policies in each area are laid down by the respective manager and strict adherence to the same is expected. Unfettered access to libraries and databases for upgrading ones professional skills are offered. Contractors are constantly monitored for deliverables and those slouching are terminated without notice.Operations manuals are designed and distributed to each of the employees and contractors. A fusion of IT, Communications and financial Services skills combined with management skills ensure that Multiverse stays on top.The tone at the top is extremely dynamic and ensures that everyone puts their shoulders to the wheel and that everyone’s work is appreciated. Time is of essence and wastage of time is discouraged.Honesty and integrity is constantly encouraged.Brevity and conciseness is of essence. Humility and a service oriented approach is the cornerstone.Policies and procedures are constantly revised and upgraded from time to time in line with customer expectations. A flair for work is instilled in all employees.Operations are computerized with minimum human intervention.State of the art techniques are employed to constantly upgrade operations. Operational Audit is frequently carried out to ensure that they are efficient, optimal and cost effective. Concepts of cost centers, profit centers and responsibility centers have been introduced. Each entity or unit is responsible and accountable for corporate goals and the achievement of the same.A blinding focus is of paramount importance. Subliminal Messaging, Nlp, Goal Setting and motivational workshops all endeavor to do the same. Balanced scorecards and strict discipline are enforced. Peer review is enforced. Stable and focused minds are encouraged.Everyone is given the opportunity to ventilate his grievance. Grievance cells have been set up. Multiversian operations are based on self-belief and the ability to make one fly and achieve ones dreams.Multiverse changes lives for the better.