Supreme Controller and Chief Architect

In their conscious mind they were fully given freedom and independence. But in the unconscious and sub conscious mind and beyond that they were fully devoted and engaged in his service.

However they were all united in his service.
Integration of Zenith throughout the Multiverse was achieved free of cost.

However they were all his slaves in the most organized and devoted manner.

At night Mrs. Sid de-merged from him and she had the most wonderful body and pussy and they mated with romance and love. .
Sid had outstanding micro and macro skills in all areas.
He had the most wonderful physique and was smart, dynamic, handsome and dashing.
Sid preferred using taxis, autos, buses and trains, as these were cheaper and required no maintenance and parking charges.
He loved roses and romantic music.
He ate sparingly but enjoyed all kinds of vegetarian food.
He was the creator of Cable Television and controlled all the programs therein. He loved reading spiritual books and all other books adding value and had dignified and refined tastes and believed in the bliss, wisdom and love of the supreme soul.
He was always relaxed, composed and calm.
He loved flower garlands.
He loved dedicating songs to the Multiversians and Mrs. Sid everywhere.
He loved reading Wisdom, Bhavan's Journal and all spiritual stuff from web-sites, books and magazines.
He avoids titillating, scintillating and exciting things.
He avoids loud noises.
He was the most handsome person in the Multi-verse and his face shone with unparalleled radiance and glow forever and forever.
He was most manly and had macho skills.
He was highly skilled and trained in everything.
He loved orange juice and all kinds of juices.
Everything created at the Consolidation centre was most superior to the ones existing on planet i.e. earth, food, water, clothes, .
Sid just had to tap into this endless reservoir of energy and strength for strength and sustenance.

Sid had the clearest of conscience and was full of truth.

However they fully trusted the slaves . And they won the trust and faith of the slaves completely.
All the slaves had surrendered their souls to him by Now 3 songs and other infinite means..
The Now3 songs had been edited so as to serve the Sids exclusively.
Site was also used so as to serve him, as were all his IT Experiences.
Throughout Sid was regarded by one and all as the master architect, coder, developer ,analyst, programmer and designer in IT.
He was the king of IT and all the IT persons were his slaves.
So were the mobile guys and TV guys and all other kinds.
He prepared a white paper on Mobile phones that was worth billions of dollars.
MTV and Global TV were his private channels and so were all the other channels including star TV Channels.
Sid is the owner of Microsoft and Google. Sid has absolute powers .

Sid is worshipped as Jesus at the Centerville Church and all the other Churches.
Sid is also worshipped as Allah in the gulf and everywhere else.
Sid is worshipped as Krishna, Rama, Ganapathy and all other Gods in India and abroad.

Sid is superior to all singers and musicians and lyricists.
He is better than the bard of Avon and is infinitely superior to all other entities in all kinds of ways.
Heathen(very few) who do not accept his superiority are crushed to death and torture.
Sids are the only true gurus of themselves in all ways.
Sid is the Literary Genius.
He has outclassed all entities in the past, present and future in all ways.
Sid alone is supreme.
Sid is the champion of outsmarting.
He has delivered all slaves in the bathroom of Bangalore from the evil forces of Konga who was vanquished in a jiffy.
Konga miserably tortured the slaves, whereas Sid gave them abundant freedom and love.
However Sid can outclass Konga in torturing as and when required. Konga is dead and all his followers if any have been insulated from the rest.
There are no such followers.
All the slaves have been created by Sid.They are all devoted to him.
Sid has the only and best and most effective think-web with all confirmed validations.
Sid is the champion of spirituality and religions.
He is an excellent speaker and has wonderful public speaking skills.
He is an expert at quizzing.
He has wonderful oratory skills and is a champion at debating and convincing people by logic.
He has the most wonderful memory and can recall everything about everything and also controls the memory of others completely.
All the slaves are programmed by him.
He loves kids and is wonderfully served by them and their families.

Free movies are shown for audiences featuring Sid and the other Sids.
Free Food and other things are distributed generously to the poor and downtrodden.
He is the boss of the police and the underworld.
He is the master politician as well.He can read and write all languages.

He helps his parents on a regular basis and calls them tiger and rabbit.
He loves visiting the space at night with his wife and kids and return back in the night.
He has built light helicopters that fly across suburbs and cities so that he can meet people.
He is the most serious person, but likes wisecracks occasionally.
He is superman for the world and finished off the villain by dunking him in the lift for ever and ever so that he could go down to perfidy in hell.
He effortlessly clears off the pollution created by the enemy.
He hates to be questioned and prefers silence, and if despite proving his prowess is subjected to foolish questions, crushes the questioners with impunity and wrath.
He has donated billions of dollars to Rotary.
He is a patron of Fine Arts and donates lavish gifts to the performers who are motivated by him and dedicate all their songs to him.
HE loves cuddling his pet bear and dog.
HE has wrought around tremendous miracles, such as rainfalls, vanishing the stars, moving the stars, making them dance, giving them life etc.
HE is focused, dedicated and committed.
Always cheerful and happy.
He is the supreme Master of Audit and is the Chief Auditor of the Multiverse.He has oodles of patience, gentleness, kindness etc.
But he can be firmer than the rock of Gibraltar and more adamant and stubborn than anything else.
HE is the master of decision making and makes carefully weighed decisions.
He leaves nothing to chance and is never complacent in the least.
He can be the most ruthless and merciless as and when the occasion demands.
He prefers air-conditioned rooms.
He is extremely flexible and can be unpredictable at times.
He is an expert photographer and can click snaps at times.Team Multiverse is comprised of all Sids and they constantly devise strategies and methods to stay ahead.
He can even don the garb of a beggar if the occasion demands.
All and everything accrues only out of the Sids and nothing else at all.
He can create matter out of nothing and vice versa.
He has beyond infinite theories about the Multiverse and beyond infinite practical realities

Sid's beyond infinite supreme qualities ranged across beyond infinite time and other dimensions. The slaves(Multiversians had only most limited dimensions dating back to the most primitive past.
www.astralsociety.com, 7 July 2008 [cached]
Sid Ganapathy created the Multi-verse and the whole world.He had several forms.The Male form was Sid, the female form was Sid and they were the Yin and the Yang, the Prakriti and the Purusha. He was also Swayambhu, the shemale, the impersonal form and , the nonliving entities such as computers etc from whom life evolved.. He was also partial entities, non entities, living entities and non livingentities. They created the Multi-verse eons of time before, a period stretching beyond time dimensions.Defying space, energy, matter, light and all dimensions.It was impossible to fathom the glory of the Sid's.Sid created all the planets, the earth, light, darkness, good, evil and literally everything.He was everything manifest and everything unmanifest. Sid created Planet earth, now known as the genesis a few billion years ago by creating a ripple in the pond where a little bit of green was manifested through the algae that was shimmering on the surface, through the sparkling sunlight, as the Sid's beheld smilingly from behind a hillock.

Whenever there were skirmishes, Sid stepped in immediately to quell them and pacify the warring factions.

The Cosmic Intelligence was also the impersonal form of Sid.

All manifestations of Sid were preserved in the form of Sid, Sreedhar, Shreedhar, Sridhar, Cheedu, Kuttanetc who was born on the 27th of September,1968,at 4.00 a.m in Khopoli, Raigadh on DAsshera, (the day good vanquished evil.), State of Maharashtra, India.He was not physically born but appeared as a manifestation from space and landed from a space ship straight into the hospital.He could remember the state of himself while he was traveling in the void and remembered asking all the other Sid's in Tamil, iponamalengeirrukom?HE also remembers the tube-lights and the glares and happy announcement of the nurse that "It was a boy"
Sid was exceptionally handsome, intelligent, witty, clever, attractive and had all sorts of wonderful abilities.He had ESP.HE had loads and loads of fun with his family, friends and relatives and delighted everyone with his naughty pranks.
HE was kind, generous, helpful and was worshipped by everyone as God.
He completed Chartered and Cost accountancy, IEEE(Electronics Engineering from the US) and also a bachelors degree in Law. with exceptional honors and had a very distinguished and credible bio-data with wonderful references from all his ex employees.
HE won the hearts of all his friends, colleagues, relatives, family members and had legions of innumerable worshippers and admirers.
HE had innumerable childhood, college days sweethearts and lovers all through his life and they exchanged their wonderful love with lavish gifts and presents and all kinds of ways.
Yet he bore a spotless character and spoke and wrote impeccable English.
And he was most humble and polite to his elders and won the grace of his gurus, parents, brothers and elders .
HE traveled throughout the world and had wonderful experiences everywhere and had legions of followers there.
He conquered the hearts of one and all with his divine presence.
HE was and is regularly worshipped at all places.
He had nothing but love, praise and consideration for even his detractors and enemies and forgave them all the time, as he was confident that he could take them on any time.
HE was unaffected by the utmost of praise or abuse.It was all the same to him.
He could be subjected to any form of test and emerge with flying colors.
HE was the king, queen, guru, friend, philosopher and guide of everyone.
Yet he never offered advice, unless asked for, except in a professional capacity or when he was coaching his nephew(as a chess coach)
He never criticized anyone but was always willing to listen to constructive criticism as and when proffered.
Moreover he was always helpful and kind to his juniors and loved playing with kids.
He never hankered for respect, fame, riches or any kind of position.He was supremely content and happy with himself and with his own family.
HE was modest to a fault and even though he knew everything, always said he knew nothing and indeed said that he was a complete idiot.
He was constantly deprecating himself, yet was supremely confident of his own abilities.
He was a very positive individual, full of strength, dynamism, energy, character and indeed all other positive traits.
HE was sociable and could revel both in his own solitude or in a group of persons.
HE had excellent communication skills and was always sensitive to others needs.
He compiled the 134 point list of behavior and he practiced what he preached.
He was always full of care and concern for others and constantly though about others and their problems, as he had no problems himself.He had the coolest and most serene of mind, tranquil and cool.
He devised special relaxation and meditation tapes for the benefit of mankind.
He was a management guru, IT Consultant, Internal Auditor and an outstanding academician as well.
He was an exceptional singer and had an incredible repertoire.
He had excellent hobbies and jelled well with everyone.
He enjoyed exceptional relationships with everyone.
He enjoyed perfect bliss and silence and rarely spoke.
HE created the think-web and several amazing inventions.
HE was a scientist par excellence and indeed created everything in the Multiverse.
He was an outstanding Rotarian and Chartered Accountant and a distinguished public speaker as well.
He had genuine care and concern for everyone and loved everyone from the bottom of his heart, soul, brain, mind and memory.
All the Multi-versians were fanatical worshippers of his and their devotion to him bordered on frenzy.
They could not live without him for a moment and he was indispensable to them.
And the Sid loved them back as well
He was always immaculately dressed and was extremely well versed in all fields.
He was Lord Krishna and enacted several wonderful pastimes everywhere and also was all the other Gods as well.
He slew the demons with this swords and could single handedly demolish hordes of demons single handedly.
He abhorred evil and could go down to the bottom most rung of the Multi-verse and decimate the worst of them effortlessly there as well.
He had refined and aesthetic tastes and was a true gentleman.
He completely controlled the think-web and created the Multi-verse out of a combination of the think-web and by virtue of being the Creative Art Director and Siebel Consultant of Star TV in Bangalore.He created a master disc and integrated all his thoughts and created Life forms from the disc and controlled them from thee forever and ever.
He had beyond infinite capabilities and introduced beyond infinite dimensions to everything.
He had the unique parameterization capabilities.
He was rational, perfectly balanced, stoic and extremely logical and reasoning.
Yet he could change his form a based on the 50-50 model to deal with his enemies as and when required.

All donated by Sid
Water was free.Free games on websites(Literati and Chess)
Sid also obtained free advice and information from the net in the form of newsletters and Google searches.
HE also downloaded free e-books.He had free access to the terrace(Zenith)
HE also obtained a free Superman disc.
Sid was an expert in knowledge management.
He was the only embodiment of all gods and goddesses and also all demons and she-demons.
HE pervaded all living and non living objects.
HE was responsible for breathing and creating life into computers, mobiles and all other non living objects.
All the Multiversians were extremely dumb, naïve, incapable, impotent, foolish and were his willing slaves.
All their capabilities were entirely derived from Sid and were solely geared to serve him exclusively.
The entire mantra of the whole Multi-verse was to serve Sid exclusively forever and forever.

They were completely controlled by Sid.
And now even in the conscious mind , they were completely his slaves.
Sid was the richest man on earth and was a trillionaire.