About Us

Multiversian was single headedly created by Shreedhar(Sid) Ganapathy, (Chairman) and CEO a chartered and cost accountant, accompany secretary, and a first class open merit scholarship graduate from the world renowned Sydenham College,Mumbai and a graduate from the equally world renowned Govt. Law College, Mumbai. Starting with a capital base of a mere Rs. 15,000 Multiverse catapulted into the big league of financing and syndicating finance for well over 100 top notch clients in Chennai within a span of two years with business touching Rs.50000crores.Multiverse’s meteoric rise was also symbolized by structuring of big ticket capital market deals, leases, corporate advisory services, private placement and literally the entire gamut of financial services.

In order to capitalize on the growing surge in the IT and communications market, he expanded into all four metros of India.It was here that the seed of think web took shape in his fertile mind.Often ruminating about blocked phone lines,radiation issues,message mode, inaccessibility during certain hours,remembering and losing numbers,phones during inconvenient hours, recording conversations, lost and found gadgets and frequently outdated models,wrong numbers,viruses,networking issues,unavailability,expensive phone bills,the obsolescence of the telephony conceptand the problems associated with emails viz virus, delayed communication and awareness , not last but the least the pique of the hoi polloi with the telephonic contraption, and a host of other problems(In the space age, we have witnessed changes in technology in cycles of approximately seven years ).This continued to gnaw at his mind even while he carried out applied research in TCS, Worldcom, Tata Teleservices, Startv and GE, even in the wake of seemingly insurmountable opposition. Tenacity and perseverance paid rich rewards and the Multiversian dream was realized. Sid went on to acquire a Phd in HCI(human computer Interface)

from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University. Multiverse has made significant contributions in the areas of customer relationship management, data mining, data warehousing, computer, tele- genetics, algorithms, nanotechnology, genomes, cybernetics and virtually every area that relates to IT and communications

In a unique business model, multiverse has a very few employees but over 5 million contractors spread across the globe who execute turnkey assignments on a strictly commission basis for all renowned clients.This has helped Multiverse pare overheads and costs and remain competitive.

Multiverse’s vision is to foray into every sector of business and by 2020 be a trillion dollar enterprise.This would be largely achievable on the basis of the three core businesses that impact all other businesses.

Multiverse’s burgeoning client list include the best among the world and are largely profitable companies. ME’s order book position stretching to well over 3 trillion dollars in short term, medium term and long term contracts including turnkey projects.ME has also hedged most of the contracts so as to avoid and minimize downside risk.

ME’s revenue model is such that on the basis of extending one vanilla product to a client, it is able to extend the extent of services considerably. Each client refers further more and top line growth has skyrocketed. The think web is the tip of the ice berg for ME and with a slew of products that are innovative and revolutionary in virtually every sector,Multiverse is poised for further exponential growth.

ME’s goals are to set up banks and finance companies to capitalize on the acute liquidity crunch in the global markets(Africa for example), so as to maximize profit and return.It also looks towards creating venture capital companies so as to buy out start ups and incubators with viable and tenable ideas and proposals.

In IT ME looks to do away with servers that are slow,unreliable and face networking issues and extend the example of networking without servers.It is also working on using thinkweb as a tool to programming eschewing the need for error prone and laborious key board programming.ME has many such exciting and ambitious plans on the anvil and the mood is clearly upbeat.

Lastlybut not the least ME is actively into applied space research for day to day solutions,based on the premise that we have originated from the skies and are destined there(Zenith).(read Tesla Elon Musk whose middle name is Kasturi) Tomes of space data particularly related to space and space research is being laboriously sifted so as to apply the same for the benefit of mankind.

ME’s logos are inspired by the Niagara which is one of the oldest natural spots in the world and a visit to which gives one the biggest thrill of ones life. Electricity which was generated for the first time there is a core of the think web. The figure 3 represents the planet earth(ours) which is one of the most spectacular and breathtaking ones in blue viewed from space and Jupiter as well, who is mythically the king of Gods and the preceptor.Within every heart wells and gushes the Niagara.Gold is one of the most auspicious(religiously significant in the Middle East and elsewhere) and resplendent metals on planet earth.Gold and blue represent Lord Krishna’s traditional colours.18 represent the chapters of the Holy Bhagavad Geeta, Upanishads and the steps to accessing Lord Ayyappa one of the most significant deities in the world.

Vadapavs represent unsweetened buns the most sacred and humblest food of the Jewish and Jesuit time and extending on to the Moslems. And the vada represents the green matter in space that typifies planet earth and spheres in its vicinity. The album is one of the greatest hits of all time and the artists are imbued with a streak of the Multiverse. Sid was inspired by all of these in a flash of inspiration as was Zenith. ME believes in growing in a healthy environment of positivity,growth,diligence,challenges,ethics,integrity and mutually beneficial terms and conditions.It has been governed by symbiotic growth, partnering growth and goal congruence.Its biggest reward has been the satisfaction of its clients and the contribution to its bottom-line based on professionalism. Over the years Multiverse has been the recipient of several international awards and recognitions for meritorious performances in the field of IT,Communications and financial services. It has contributed significantly to several noble global causes endeavouring to make our planet a better place to live in. One World One people. It also abides by the Service before Self motto and the four way test advocated by Herbert Taylor and Rotary International. Sid also loves writing in professional journals and teaching young students in his spare time, some of whom have gone on to become achievers of their own making. He is a neat chess player and encourages and promotes chess and budding chess players locally and internationally.